From Luik to Extrema Outdoor

Take the N90 to the A25

Join the E314 towards the Donderslagweg/N726, take exit 30

Continue onto Donderslagweg/N726


Follow the signing!



Tip: think about the environment and carpool with your friends!


From Antwerpen to Extrema Outdoor

Take the E313 towards Hasselt

Take exit 29 Houthalen-Helchteren

Continue onto Grote Baan/N715

Take Herebaan-Oost


Follow the signing!



Tip: think about the environment and carpool with your friends!

From Brussel to Extrema Outdoor

Take the E40

Join the E314

Take exit 29 Houthalen-Helchteren

Continue onto Grote Baan/N715

Follow Herebaan-Oost


Follow the signing!



Tip: think about the environment and carpool with your friends!

From Maastricht to Extrema Outdoor

Take the Bosscherweg and Maaseikersteenweg/N766 to the Tournebride/N78

Follow the N78 and E314 to Donderslagweg/N726

Take exit 30

Continue onto Donderslagweg/N726


Follow the signing!



Tip: think about the environment and carpool with your friends!

From Eindhoven to Extrema Outdoor

Take Aalsterweg to Eindhovenseweg/N69

Continue onto N69

Take the Noord Zuid Verbinding and N715 to Herebaan-Oost


Follow the signing!




Tip: think about the environment and carpool with your friends!


If you really want to come by car, please carpool!

There will be 3 parkings.


Parking A

Will be open from Friday

There won’t be a shuttle – you can walk easily to the festival


Parking B

Will be open on Saturday and Sunday

There will be a shuttle


Parking C

This is an extra parking, we only use this one in case parking A is completely full.

When the parking is open, there will be a shuttle



Please park your car on the parkings only! Otherwise they will tow away your car!


Coming soon!


There will be 2 places where you can park you bycicle.

One in the neighbourhood of Binnenvaartstraat and one close to Hoeve Jan.


There will be a taxispot in the neighbourhood of the festival.

Kiss & Ride

Follow Sint-Leonardusstraat to be dropped off and picked up close to the festival.


Where is it?

You can find Extrema Outdoor on the beautiful grounds of De Plas in Houthalen-Helchteren. Deep forests, a clear lake – including a beach – and enough space for numerous exciting areas.


The navigation address is:



Is Extrema Outdoor for young and old?

You can only enter the festival and campsite if you are 18 years or older. Be sure to bring a valid ID. So don’t take the risk and show your ID before entering Extrema Outdoor.

What are the opening hours?

The doors of the campsite will open on Friday June 2nd at 3.00 p.m. On Monday June 5th we close our doors at 11.00 a.m.

The doors of the festival will open Friday at 5.00 p.m. and will close at 12.00 p.m. On Saturday the doors will open at 11:00 a.m. and they will close at 11:00 p.m. On Sunday the doors will open at 11.00 a.m. and close 11.00 p.m.

What about drugs and such?

You are not allowed to bring drugs or weapons. Before entering Extrema Outdoor there will be a strict search. If you don’t cooperate with the search, your access to the festival will be denied. We have a Zero Tolerance policy about drugs. Keep this in mind.

Am I allowed to smoke?

Smoking is allowed, but please think about the environment. Don’t throw your cigarettes on the ground, but make sure that they are extinguished and throw them in a trashcan or (portable) ashtray.

Do you use a code of conduct?

YES! Violence and intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated. This also includes discrimination, sexual intimidation or wearing provocative clothing (for example football shirts or/and full colours). Extrema Outdoor puts a lot of love and hard work in the décor of the festival. Stealing or destroying of the properties of Extrema Outdoor or other partners is forbidden. Also climbing the fences and/or other installations or infrastructures will not be tolerated.

Are there things I am not allowed to bring?

For everybody’s safety it is not allowed to be in possession of glass, spray cans (with propane), fireworks or umbrellas.

What about commodities?

Trading in goods of any kind whatsoever – without any permission of the organisation – is not allowed.

How about dealing with advertising?

Flyers and/or posters pasting other events – without any permission of the organisation – is not allowed.

Can I bring my pet?


Can I bring my own booze?

It is not allowed to bring your own drinks to Extrema Outdoor.


There are enough lockers available on the festival grounds and campsite.


Do you need any medication during the Festival? That is no problem, If you are in possession of a medical statement or prescription (matching your ID). Mail us a few weeks beforehand [email protected]and print out the confirmation you’ll get by mail. Make sure you can show it at the entrance.

Film or photo register

During the festival different partners will make film or photo registers. By entering the festival you automatically give permission for registration and use of the media to Extrema Outdoor and our media partners and you accept the conditions. It is not allowed to bring professional photo or film equipment for your own use. But of course you may use your digital camera.

First aid/Security

There will be an adequate security staff at the festival site. There is also a professional first aid stand clearly present at the festival. These people are standby at the festival for you and your friends’ safety. So make sure to listen to any instructions given by the security staff, the first aid team and the organisation.

Where can I buy my ticket?

Only buy your tickets for XOBE on our website.

This way you are sure of a valid ticket.

I’ve lost my ticket, what do I do?

Didn’t receive your ticket or did you lose them? Check out the FAQ of our ticketing partner Eventix. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? You can reach Eventix via [email protected] or give them a call on: (+32) 085 8883007.

People ♥ planet

Do not print, go digital

It’s better to show the ticket on your phone. This is good for the environment and just as easy.

Stash your trash

We like to keep our festival clean, but we need your help for that! So trash? Throw it in the trash cans. Just a little effort, but it will give a great result. We also have our Trashure Teams who lend a helping hand. Would you like to help us? Check out We also have a couple of pillars to keep our grounds clean.

Reduce, reuse & recycle


We do not share flyers, gadgets or timetables at our festival. Don’t want to miss our favourite artist? Download our app, including the timetable! Our drinks are only available without their caps, this in order to prevent that the plastic continues to sway in the nature for years.



Reuse is good use. It would be a sin to throw away those beautiful decoration materials, right?



Together we separate the waste, to make this possible we create a mono stream: Pet-bottles and Pet-cups.

I love my ears

Earplugs of Safe ‘n Sound are available at the festival. During the festival we measure the sounds in the area to make sure we are doing everything to cause as little inconvenience as possible.

Camping Info

Camping Entrance

You can only enter the camping with a Holiday Ticket or Separate Camping Ticket.

Check in

Friday: 15.00h

Saturday: 10.00h

Sunday: 10.00h

Food & drinks

There will be enough foodstands and bars to please you. But it’s also allowed to bring you own food & drinks.


There will be showers on the camping, nice & clean.


Ofcourse! No worries!


Friday: 0.00h 2.00h

Saturday: 23.00h –  2.00h

Sunday: 23.00h – 2.00h

Love your tent

Don’t leave your tent, take him with you when you leave!

Trash bag

We will give you one at the check-in. Put your garbage in it and drop it at our waste points. Like this we keep it clean together!

Green camp

Coming soon!

Bungalow Shuttle


There will be shuttles from Molenheide to the festival. You won’t have to wait longer than 30 minutes.